Subscription Program

How to start

  1. Decide how many juices per week you would like on the subscription tab. (A pack of 6 or 12 juices per week)

  2. Select your favorite package. (We offer  a variety of flavors and combinations of all our goods such as milks, lemonades, and coffees)

  3. Choose your place of preference where you want your goods to be delivered. (We deliver Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday)

  4. Wait for your selected pack of goods to be delivered every week. You will be charged weekly from the day you subscribed.  



  • Can I cancel or pause my membership? Yes. Just send us an email to and we will do the rest.  

  • Can I substitute any beverage in my pack? Of course! Just let us know which one do you want instead. You can do it before placing your order under the Instructions section. If you already subscribed and still want to change something, just send us an email to letting us know what would you like to change.