What is a juice cleanse?

A cleanse is meant to hydrate, alkalize, and rebuild your system with an abundance of nutrients. It is one of the best ways to detoxify your body from unwanted toxins.  A cleanse can last from a few days to several weeks.
Can everyone do a cleanse? No, doing a cleanse is recommendable for people over 18 years. Also, pregnant women and people in medication or that are suffering from a certain illness shouldn't do a juice cleanse. You can always consult your doctor in order to discuss both the benefits and risks of cleansing with juices.
When is the best time to drink the juice? The recommended time to drink your first juice is during the morning, on empty stomach. If you are not in a cleanse you must drink your juice 20 minutes before every meal or you could replace one small meal for a juice. During a cleanse you must be drinking each one of your juices every 2-3 hours.
For how long can I do my cleanse?

It depends on how experienced you are in doing cleanses. If you are a beginner you can try just 1 day, but in order to get really a deep detox we recommend to start with a three day cleanse. If you have more experience in doing cleanses you can do cleanses up to 1 month.

How often can I do a juice cleanse? If you decide to do short period cleanses (3 days),  you can do up to 3 cleanses per month. If you do long period cleanses (12 days or more), you can do a few cleanses per year. 
Does it matter the order I drink my juices? No, it does not matter, but we ordered them in the way we know would help you the most. 
What can I eat during my cleanse? If you feel really hungry despite the fact you already drank one of your juices you can make yourself a delicious fruit or veggie salad, a flavorful smoothie with greens, fruits, and water (no whole milk) or eat some nuts. 
Can I smoke or drink alcohol during my cleanse? No, it is highly recommended not to smoke or drink alcohol since the whole point of your cleanse is to detoxify your body from all kind of toxins. 
Can I drink something else besides my juices? Yes, you must drink a lot of water during the whole cleanse (8 glasses minimum) and/or decaf tea (avoid caffeine). 
Can I do a cleanse while taking prescription medicine? It's not recommended, however you can add our juices to your regular diet. We also recommend to consult your doctor in order to discuss both the pros and cons of doing a juice cleanse. 
Can I make a cleanse while pregnancy? No, however you can still add our nutritious juices to your pregnancy diet. 
What could be the symptoms from cleansing? Some of the symptoms that you are most likely to have are headaches, stomachaches, or dizziness. If you feel a little bit weak, it's normal, but if you feel like it's something else consult your doctor to be properly examined.  
Would I be using the bathroom constantly? Most probably Yes! Depending for how long you are doing your cleanse. It is completely normal because your body is consuming nothing more than soluble fiber and your digestive system is going to be the first one impacted, so it's going to be great for you! It's a sign that your body is really detoxifying. 
It is the same thing being in a cleanse and being fasting? It is something totally different. Being fasting is to be depriving your body from all kind of nutrients making you feel empty, weak, and malnourished. In the other hand, when you are in a cleanse you are nourishing your body in a great way. Your body is receiving all the nutrients needed while you're cleansing with cold pressed juices. 
Can I work out during my cleanse? Yes, you can do low resistance exercises with light weights and you can also do short sessions of cardio such as 15-25 min walks.  
Am I going to lose weight? Yes, but most of the weight you will loose is going to be only water, which means that as soon as you start to consume solids again, some of the weight is going to come back. This does not mean you are going to look the same even if your weight is the same. 
Why eating raw fruits and vegetables is important? When we cook our vegetables or fruits, we destroy the vital and essential nutrients that we need to maintain our body and mind healthy. Raw vegetables and fruits maintain all the essential enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that our bodies need to function properly.   
Why does it cost more? Doing cold pressed juices require a longer production process, we use certified organic produce only and we glass bottle our juices. Our juices contain up to 7 lbs of pure produce, they are not pasteurized and we do not use the (HPP) process to extend the shelf life, therefore our juices are 100% natural and raw.
What if I have more questions? Please feel free to ask us everything you want to know about our juicery, we are more than pleased to help you. Just let us a comment or send us an email to our account vitajuicecoldpress@gmail.com