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We do not use High Pressure Pasteurization to extend our juices shelf life. Keep in mind that when you purchase a cold pressed juice in a super market you are paying big money for a product that probably has been sitting on the super market shelf for up to 60 days. What is even worse is that most of this companies often lie about when their product was truly made and very often they use the word "fresh." Think about it! do you consider a 60 days old juice “Fresh”? Probably you are wondering how to know if they are telling the true right? It is simple; if the juice you are buying it’s from the grocery store, then it has been pasteurized. The FDA states that raw juice can be sold directly to consumers via retail or delivery, but not wholesale to third parties that are going to resell it.
We prepare our juices the night before delivery, and when we say night it means a couple of hours before your delivery. Our production hours are 10pm-4am and our deliveries are made from 5am to 10am.

Why you should care about consuming organic products!

All of our juices, milks, lemonades and coffees are organic. Our organic produce and other products such as nuts, super foods and coffee beans are organic as well and are grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We have tried many other juice brands that use conventional produce and we can say that the flavor of their juices is much different than our organic juices. Plus you are paying the same amount or even a higher price! 

All of our milks and coffees beverages are dairy free! which means free from all the hormones injected to cows to produce massive amounts of milk. NO MORE WEAK BONES! Our bodies were not designed to absorb calcium from milk, so let’s leave cows milk for their babies and lets enjoy delicious plant based milks with the amazing benefits of healthy fats and great support for keeping a healthy heart.

We use the best ingredients and we do not add any artificial sweeteners! We use a variety of superfoods that have been used for centuries and are the most nutrient dense foods on the entire planet. Its amazing how you can eat and enjoy at the same time some of the most nutritious foods in the world.

We have the most affordable subscription program in the whole cold pressed juice industry and including conventional juice bars that use HPP “to lower their prices.” You may ask how we did it right? When we started Vita Juice we had the vision of “quality without exclusivity” which means that we bring you quality products without exclusive prices that most fancy Cold-press juiceries have. WE SELL NUTRITIOUS DRINKS NOT FANCY DRINKS!

We save you money! With our subscription program we bring you the best prices and the best products on the market. Remember “Quality without Exclusivity.” We also help you to adapt to a healthier lifestyle by bringing you delicious natural raw products. Having better food habits can have a great impact on your health, appearance, and the way you feel. Imagine not getting sick for years? That sounds so awesome to be true! but it is... Imagine not wasting your money on visits to the doctor or on those prescription drugs that often become an addiction in many people. Everything is totally achievable and we make it easy for you. It’s as easy as just changing those coffee beverages that you buy with artificial sweeteners and ingredients that you can’t even pronounce, with our 100% natural coffees or just a natural smoothie that you can make by yourself. Remember we are not here to sell you something, we are here to help you.

Now with our subscription program, price shouldn’t be an excuse! We proudly bring you the lowest price in the market 


Why we choose to be 100% vegan!

If you are on our site probably you may know about veganism, or even better you are vegan! but for those who are not familiar with a vegan lifestyle here is a short explanation about it.

Veganism means not use of any animal for any purpose such as food, clothes, cosmetics, among others. Some people become vegan for ethical reasons, and others do it for health benefits. However, what is most important is that you are not hurting another living being and you are contributing to the welfare of the planet.

Vita Juice’s goal is to contribute to this world by helping others to change to a healthier lifestyle, or help you to improve your healthy lifestyle if you already own it. We want to show you that is not necessary to hurt our planet and their creatures. We want to inspire you to do the same and share, and also inspire you to take care of our planet. At the end, this is our home and we have to understand that we don’t live alone, we live with thousands of other species and it’s their home as well. 

Here are some facts about veganism:

  • According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, vegans are less likely to develop heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or high blood pressure than meat-eaters.
  • It takes up to 13 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of animal flesh. Imagine if people who dye of starvation can have access to that food.
  • Meat causes enormous amounts of pollution, and the meat industry is also one of the biggest causes of climate change.



Our Latin American Coffee is 100% organic and is fair trade certified. Our coffee is brewed for 24 hours.

What is fair trade?

According to “Fair Trade USA Organization” fair trade means: 

Fair Trade Certified™ products were made with respect to people and planet. Our rigorous social, environmental and economic standards work to promote safe, healthy working conditions, protect the environment, enable transparency, and empower communities to build strong, thriving businesses. When you choose products with the Fair Trade label, your day-to-day purchases can improve an entire community’s day-to-day lives.