Invest in your health

Cold pressed juices are not only a healthy habit that is trending nor a luxury. These juices labeled as "Cold Pressed" have been known for decades, the difference now is that famous people are giving it its deserved recognition. It has been told that prices are high compared to regular natural juices. The reason why cold pressed juices are more expensive is because of the process it takes to prepare them and the kind of produce you use such as organic produce. It takes a longer period of time in order to extract the juice from every single of our ingredients. First step is to grind the vegetables and fruit into a pulp. Second step is to squeeze the juice out of the pulp with a cold press juicer. Finally, the third step is to pour the juice on bottles. The preparation of our juices should be a few hours before our delivery. The reason is because we do not pasteurize our juices nor we use the high pressure process (HPP) that is why they have shorter shelf life. The most exciting part is that you do not have to worry about it because we offer you to choose when and where you want your juices to be delivered. Our delivery schedule is been created based on the willingness of our clients, that is why our deliveries are going to be early morning from 5:00 am to 9:00 am. In this way you will be able to enjoy them during your entire day or for a few days if you prefer, depending on what you have ordered either a cleanse or a package created by yourself.

We are more than pleased and happy to share our love for the natural and organic juices that we personally prepare. Juicing is a healthy habit that we adopted time ago when we decided to go vegan. This new eating habit had brought us a lot of fantastic benefits to our lives and now we want to share this wellness with the world. Is your decision to become a healthier person and Vita Juice is going to be here for you!